Ang Panday

Ang Panday

1hr 52mins ● G ● Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Long ago, the evil wizard Lizardo (Phillip Salvador) sent an army of monsters to subjugate the land and its people. Lizardo succeeded, but a prophecy tells of a comet that will fall to Earth, and a man who will wield a weapon that will free the people from Lizardo’s tyranny. Flavio (Bong Revilla Jr.) is a blacksmith content with living a quiet, uneventful life in a town mostly untouched by Lizardo’s evil. But when the comet of prophecy lands on the outskirts of town, Flavio’s destiny is immediately made clear. Around the peace-loving but brave Flavio. His arch-enemy Lizardo attempts to ruin the peace and harmony of their dwelling place, affecting the inhabitants. Moreover, the evil warlord challenges Flavio by capturing his beautiful lady love Maria (Iza Calzado). A series of events take place, bringing the blacksmith (panday) at the forefront of a full-blown war against Lizardo’s troops.

Mac Alejandre


Jose Mari R. Abacan, Andrea Bautista-Ynares, Diana Bautista, Marlon Bautista, Annette Gozon, Rowena Bautista-Mendiola

Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr., Phillip Salvador, Iza Calzado, Rhian Ramos, Geoff Eigenmann, Buboy Villar, Joonee Gamboa, Luz Valdez, Benjie Paras, Carlene Aguilar, Gladys Guevarra, Marissa Sanchez, John Lapus, King Gutierrez, Stef Presscott, Paulo Avelino, Mike “Pekto” Nabua, Carlos Morales, John Feir, Dan Fernandez, E.R. Ejercito, Carlos Lacana

RENT UNTIL: December 24, 2020 11:59pm (PHT)

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AVAILABLE IN: Philippines only