Crying Ladies

Crying Ladies

1hr 51mins ● G ● Drama, Comedy

Meet the last of the professional mourners of Manila’s Chinatown. The street smart Stella Mate (Sharon Cuneta) who dreams of a better job to be able to get back custody of her beloved son Bong (Julio Pacheco) whom she lost to ex-husband Guido (Ricky Davao). Then there is Doray (Hilda Koronel) a.k.a. Rhoda Rivera, a bit player of the 70’s whose life revolves around the glory days of her B-movie career. And religious and naïve Choleng (Angel Aquino) who simple cannot resist the sexual advances of her friend’s husband. These are the crying ladies- three women who decide to accept a part-time job to be the professional mourners for a traditional Chinese funeral.

The stories of these women are given life in the context of a funeral wake. A heart-warming-comedy, it sheds light on the struggles and the little dreams of ordinary people living in the backstreet of Chinatown.

Mark Meily
Tony Gloria
Sharon Cuneta, Hilda Koronel, Angel Aquino

RENT UNTIL: December 24, 2020 11:59pm (PHT)

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