Dayo: Sa Mundo ng Elementalia

Dayo: Sa Mundo ng Elementalia

1hr 30mins ● G ● Animation

After being cheated and defeated by his classmate bullies in a race, Bubuy is forced to treat them with snacks but he is unable—making them upset, they instead challenge him to go the woods at dawn, in which he reluctantly agrees.

Bubuy arrives home sad at the outcome of the race and refuses telling his grandparents, Lolo Miong and Lola Nita what troubles him. When it’s dinner, he excuses himself “to work with a project” at a classmate’s house and that he will return soon, bidding them goodbye.

Robert Quilao

Jessie Lasaten

Main Cast: Nash Aguas, Nova Villa, Peque Gallaga, Michael V

RENT UNTIL: December 24, 2020 11:59pm (PHT)

WATCH: Start watching within 5 days and finish within 24 hours after your first play

AVAILABLE IN: Philippines only