Season 1

Mystery - R-13

Detective Chief Inspector Annika Stranded has just become head of a new specialist Marine Homicide Unit, tasked with solving murders that take place in and around the waterways of Scotland. Annika Stranded offers a unique perspective on the detective genre. By breaking down the fourth wall, Annika invites the audience in to hear her thoughts, engaging them and enticing them to solve the crimes with her.


Philip John


All3Media International


Nicola Walker, Jamie Sives, Katie Leung, Ukweli Roach



Nov. 19 Episode 1

On her first day in Scotland’s Marine Homicide Unit, Annika investigates the murder of a man found in the Clyde.


Nov. 19 Episode 2

When a body is found on a boat in the Clyde, the case takes the team to the Isle of Bute. Evidence points to a jilted lover, but as the team investigates, a darker secret starts to emerge.


Nov. 26 Episode 3

When the body of a scientist is found in Loch Katrine, Annika is reminded of Ibsen’s Enemy of the People. But with so many people wanting him dead, which one did he push over the edge?


Nov. 26 Episode 4

The team is called in when writer Cara Gibson is found dead under a bridge. Her books ruined careers and left a lot of lives in tatters, but which of these people would be driven to murder.


Dec.3 Episode 5


Dec. 3 Episode 6



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