Ben x Jim Forever (Season 2)

Episode 8: Forever

Romance - PG

Jumping off from the story of Ben X Jim Season 1, Ben and Jim, who were childhood friends that became lovers, ultimately part ways. Jim, after throwing everything away because of the decision with Ben, now works as a barista, all the while looking for Ben, who went missing after the unfortunate ending.

With the help of friends, Jim, tries to find Ben, while recounting all the good times he had with Ben, thru letters that will be revealed he sent to Ben, over the years, until June 5, 2015, his last letter.

Easy Ferrer
Regal Multimedia, Inc.

Teejay Marquez, Jerome Ponce, Kat Galang, Darwin Yu, Ejay Jallorina, Miko Gallardo, Annika Dela Cruz,  Jomari Angeles, Sarah Edwards, Ron Angeles, Vance Larena , Royce Cabrera



Feb 12 Episode 1: Finding Blue

We see Jim, working in a coffee shop, deprived and a has been. He is in continuous search for Ben, who has been missing after he sent the “truth” video to Jim six months ago. Jim, together with Flo, Yana, Olan, and Ben’s college friends Francia and Bogs are looking for Ben’s whereabouts, but to no avail. He meets Val, a person who may or may not be an ally to his journey.


Feb 19 Episode 2: The Jim Missing Ben

In a funny coincidence, Jim learns that Val is the owner of the coffee shop he works for, and a number one hater. Val makes life difficult everyday, but Jim is patient and lets everything slide.


Feb 26 Episode 3: The Hopes, Fools, Romantics

Jim begins to open up, and Val begins to understand Jim’s story. He helps him to move on and start anew. Jim gives in, without realizing that Ben may have been doing the same with Roy.


March 5 Episode 4: Strangled

Though Jim tries to deny it, he begins to get closer to Val, who has an entirely different perception and views from Ben. Ben on the other hand, begins to reconnect with his old self, something Roy has been fearing in a long time.


March 12 Episode 5: Just Us… Again

The cake Ben makes gives a big possibility that he and Jim will be reconnected again. What could have been a simple gesture would open up possible reconnections, and there complications to the lives of Ben, Jim, Val, and Roy.


March 19 Episode 6: The (Mis)Alignment

Tension rises as Jim and Ben reconnect again, especially for Val and Roy. The whole gang
set up a birthday party at the beach, where it becomes more apparent that issues need
to be faced and resolved, before it’s too late.


March 26 Episode 7: Manly Life

As Jim realizes that Ben is now a losing battle, he begins to face another antagonist, his own Father who has been disapproving his relationship with Ben from the very start. With the help of friends, and a new ally, he makes another attempt conquering barriers to get back Ben, even if it’s Ben himself.


April 9 Episode 8: Forever

Ben and Jim are now at the edge of what could be and what could be not, and Jim has to lay down everything he has, and take chances for Ben to return to his life. Is it a good ending for both of them? Or will one suffer in the end.

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