Call It What You Want Season 2

Season 2

Romance - Comedy - R-16

After the events in season 1, James and Ait start dating but they still keep a secret from the management and the fans. Meanwhile, Marco and Bas are getting close to each other, but the manager, P’Tee, will once again get in the middle. When everything seems lost, someone unexpected will re-appear and help the boys make things right.


Anusorn Soisa Ngim


Portico Media


Time Dhamawat Suntanaphan, Michael Kiettisak Scofield, Kaprao Pongkorn Wongkrittiyarat, Daniel Chang, Benz Panupun Vongjorn



Oct. 31 Episode 1: Bleeding love

James and Ait try to reach Bas when they find out P’Tee is looking for him. Marco and Bas get closer together at the beach resort.


Oct. 31 Episode 2: Hand to Myself

While Marco and Bas drive back to Bas’ house, James calls Tee and asks him to meet him to stall him. Marco finds the proof that could bring P’Tee down.


Nov. 7 Episode 3: Teenage Dream

Kaprao finally visits Bas to encourage him to come out to the press. James and Ait become closer than ever after a fight.


Nov. 7 Episode 4: Pretty Hurts

James and Ait pictures are leaked online and James faces P’Tee. Bas hits rock bottom after a confrontation with his friend Ait.


Nov. 14 Episode 5: Almost Home

Marco races against time when he receives a call for help.


Nov. 14 Episode 6: Perfect To Me

The press conference day is here and some of the cast members are missing. Will James, Ait, Bas and Marco have the happy ending they deserve?

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